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​Volunteer your time and gifts. Be a blessing to UMBA's After School program.  Love and support these wonderful children.

Volunteers Needed

"Bright Stars" Volunteers are important to us. The success of our program is hinged on the hours given by our Volunteers.  Giving of your time, skills, and kindness of your heart to our Bright Stars Scholars goes beyond years in their little lives. Each day they come to Bright Stars they look forward to your generous smiles, support and tender care.

Annual & Teacher Workdays

Spring & Winter Breaks

+ Help Receiving Students

+ Morning Devotion
+ Serve Morning Snack
+ Assist with Art Projects

+ Supervise Lunch

+ Help Prepare for Test Time

+ Read to Grades K-1

+ Help Reading Rounds during Rest Time, Grades 2-5

+ Afternoon Snack

+ Supervise Outdoor Play & Free Play

+ Clean Up

Reading Volunteer
Volunteer Application Form

Give us a hand & start making a difference.

In which areas are you best suited to volunteer?
After School Volunteer
Male Mentor
S.T.E.M. Volunteer
After School Volunteer
Male Volunteer
Male Mentor
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