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My daughter, a rising third grader shares frequently the positive nuggets Ms. Joyce had shared with her & the class. Most recently she told me as we were having a conversation about fairness as shared by Ms. Joyce. Her new favorite song is "Army of the Lord". She sang it so beautifully; it makes my heart so happy. 


My son is an active six year old. When he attends Bright Stars, he is given adequate physical activity for his age and size. While attending Bright Stars he has been coached by the staff on how to manage his temper and alternative solutions. Doing this helps him to calm down to gain control of himself in a situation. These tools will continue to develop his character and understanding. 


Mrs. E. Nesbit

My son Dorian has been a proud Bright Star scholar under the care or Mrs. Pearlie and Mrs. Wornitha for at least 3 years. Upon being enrolled at this afterschool program, Dorian has been taught valuable life lessons as well as thrived in his schoolwork. The teachers of this program go over and beyond the call of duty to make sure all the children are well taken care of and not lacking in their studies.  My son can quote bible scriptures, read aloud with confidence, and he is doing better with math due to the teachings of this program. Every week he brings home assignments that he is doing and new beautiful artwork. This fills my heart with joy knowing that he is learning something new each day. Not only have I seen a difference in his work since enrollment at Bright Stars, but I have also seen a positive change in his behavior over the years. With the help of the Bright Stars Staff and his moral values, he has learned the importance of good manners and distinguished behavior. I would recommend UMBA Bright Stars to any parent looking for a Christian based, educational environment for their child to advance.                                


Ms. S. Bruce



I would like to thank Bright Stars for all the time and love they put in with my son.  Darious is a child full of love and energy and he has a lot of both to share. This daycare is the only one that I have found to take time with Darious in his studies and to help him to become a better person.  I love the morals they teach and how they instilled in him to love and treat everyone the same.  They also have open communication with his school so they can work together to help him in studies that he may need extra help in.  They are truly a blessing to my son.            

Mr. & Mrs. Caldwell



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